Professional Catalogue of Lebanese Banknotes
Written by Ali Chour

Ali Chour

Professional Catalogue of Lebanese Banknotes, written by Ali Chour, is an authoritative reference on paper money from Lebanon.
Launched in Beirut on Dec 11th 2020, the new catalogue includes all Lebanese banknotes from 1919 to 2020.
It corrects every wrong entry, details all issues and provides an accurate coverage of the variations and goes beyond to provide designations for every note.
The book includes a catalogue number (PCLB) for each note type, as well as illustrations with authoritative descriptions.
Each PCLB details issued notes, replacement notes (when available), specimens, cancelled notes, color trials and uncut sheets.

Listing of each banknote includes an accurate description of its front and back, four or more different pictures, different dates of issue, prefixes and replacement prefixes, number of printed banknotes, signatures, watermark, printer, dimensions, top graded banknote in PMG population report and price.
Lebanon has produced a fascinating assortment of banknotes over the years, including modern commemoratives. These are all described in comprehensive detail in the book.
The book includes 18 annexes about serial numbers, types of specimen, cancelled notes, color trials, and a large collection of unissued banknotes.